Action Alert - Land Bank bill

The City needs a Land Bank NOW to deal with our vacant land crisis. There are 40,000 vacant lots in Philly, and they are a blight on our neighborhoods and a drain on our city. A land bank, which is a public authority created to acquire, maintain and sell vacant properties, can take in unused public land and severely tax-delinquent private land and put it to productive use.

The Land Bank bill (#130156), introduced by Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez, will create an equitable, transparent, and accountable land bank that prioritizes affordable housing, economic development, community gardens and urban agriculture!

City Council needs to hold a hearing and vote for this bill.

Take action! Send a message to City Council! Tell them this is important to you and that they should hold a hearing for the bill. You can use the form letters created by The Campaign to Take Back Vacant Land and the Philly Land Bank Alliance here and here, respectively. It may be going on summer recess, but we need to continue to let Council know we support this bill.

Finally, if you want to show your support for the bill while also enjoying refreshments and celebration, come to the Grounded in Philly and Healthy Foods Green Spaces Launch Party on Wednesday June 26th from 4:30-7pm at the Teens4Good Farm on 8th and Poplar Streets in Philadelphia. You can fill out the letters at the Take Back Vacant Land table. RSVP at