Ways to contribute to a socially just and economically sound community

Hoodstock 2014

Being a part of the food justice movement means that the issues of a socially just and ecologically sound, local economy are important to you. Supporting urban agriculture, community gardening initiatives and food sovereignty, by way of working within organizations, helping to start neighborhood gardens, cleaning up your communities, and helping folks get access to information are a few ways to ease these conditions.

What are some other important factors to consider? Or questions to ask?

  • How do we relate to one another?
  • Does everyone have purpose, is valued, feels safe, cared for, included and has their needs met?
  • How can we contribute to turning around the disproportion of wealth and resources in this country?
  • How can we use our privilege to enhance another’s chances of survival?
  • What does sovereignty look like to POC?
  • Who should be informing the ideals that I have regarding issues of inequality?

I have listed some ways that I think one can start to address these questions.

  • Support locally-owned Black and Latino businesses -pledge to find the businesses in our communities that are owned by POC (people of color) and purchase from them at least once a week. It would make a huge difference.
  • Attend cultural celebration events; make purchases to help entrepreneurs. Get to know people and learn about their history and culture- learning the history of the people and communities you work with is vitally important to understanding how to interact with them which essentially leads to better and more sustainable relationships.
  • Stop supporting media outlets/stores/restaurants that stereotype and stigmatize certain cultural groups.
  • Support media outlets authored and run by POC .
  • Get out of your comfort zone- pledge to get to know, and/or go out where there are people other than those in your particular cultural groups, you could be handsomely rewarded with a multi-cultural friend base.
  • Help create/find jobs in your organization for POC, to help diversify your workplace.
  • Create an inviting environment for POC at your workplace.

This list is by no means exhaustive and is meant to give one a starting place to thinking and acting in ways that can contribute to a socially just local economy.