Keep it Concentric

By Gen Rollins

Sometimes leadership roles mimic the stars. We see the sun in the middle, shining brightly, but forget that its light works within a field of gravity. Charlyn Griffith reminded me today that lightness is an exchange. The outer rings of organizing feed the inner forces, and thus those forces are able to feed the outer circles, equally as much.

Group survival is dependent on each element trusting in the other. The beauty of groupwork relies on a measure of intricately woven ideas and abilities coming together in greater strength. It takes a lot of work to let everyone’s creative spirit have a chance at the table. Time gets stretched in the breakdown of groupwork, because although a line may be the quickest route, the value in circles is endless. In a joint setting, everyone’s abilities come out gradually, and figuring out how to highlight those strengths towards a mission is an expansive process.

Groupwork is magnetic, full of moving forces. Charlyn warns to always keep it twisted when working with moving parts. It gets a little funky in the trenches as creative spirits collide, and the funk is a powerful element. That’s the fun and beauty of movement. Ideas are to be exchanged, and all to be empowered. The Iron Law of Oligarchy claims that all humans seek a leader, and for many of us, the exposure to leadership roles that we have had has been centralized. Unlearning this viewpoint may take a lot of effort and some fine tuning of where and how we show respect. If you have a group of highly motivated people working towards similar goals, the energy of groupwork remains exuberant, so long as everyone is fueled and nurtured at their needs. Keeping those motivated individuals feeling truly highlighted in their fullest expanse and connected to one another, are the fruits of survival, resistance, and community.