Eastwick Friend and Neighbors Coalition at the People's Climate March

At the front of the march, a vibrant banner tied the experiences of these groups together, “Frontlines of the crisis, Forefront of change.” Each intersection between economic, racial, and climate justice holds a different piece of our movement puzzle. Seeing labor and education organizing as climate justice work builds toward the visionary and broad movement we need.

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Roadmap for a Successful Urban Farm: Cultivate Community Acceptance

An article by Kate McCleary, Senior Project Coordinator at Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

What do you see here? A vacant lot? Neighborhood blight? Unfulfilled ambitions? Or do you see untapped potential, a plot rich in opportunity? Perhaps a glint of promise for a community camouflaged by trash and overgrown weeds? If your vision involved growing food as a productive way to use these vacant plots of city land, you are not alone.

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Ways to contribute to a socially just and economically sound community

Being a part of the food justice movement means that the issue of a socially just and ecologically sound, local economy are important to you. What are some other important factors to consider? Or questions to ask? Does everyone have purpose, is valued, feels safe, cared for, included and has their needs met? Should you get out of your comfort zone- pledge to get to know, and/or go out where there are people other than those in your particular cultural groups? You could be handsomely rewarded with a multi-cultural friend base.

Food Justice Summit Ithaca, NY
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Impassioned letter to Land Bank Planning board

"City policy that involves so many people's day-to-day lives being gambled with for a bit of revenue and real estate expertise is not policy written with residents and community bonds in mind." Robyn Mello

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"UCHS Garden is Sacred"

Gerald Hand and Martin Galvin building raised beds

If you have not heard already, University City High School has been sold. The only thing is...what will happen to the garden? Many community residents, teachers, students and volunteers helped to make that a special space. There is a campaign right now to help save this garden. Click below to read the sentiments of Martin Galvin, a former teacher at UCHS...

Relationships in the garden
UCHS garden at harvest
Tyrone Norwood Jr. repping his love for the UCHS Garden at the 16th annual Rooted in Community Summit in New Mexico.
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Lessons From Eastwick

The saga of Urban Renewal in one of Philadelphia's oldest multi-cultural neighborhoods, Eastwick, still continues. In the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, Vol. 49, Amy Laura Cahn eloquently presents the history, circumstances and current status of this communities struggle in the face of environmental injustice and political power.

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Who is the REAL story?

These key folk have been marginalized as “others” in our thinking about garden collaborations, shared resources and preservation efforts...

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Musings of an urban gardener

Kirtrina's backyard garden

Gardens give us so much more than just food or flowers, it is a place of healing, of peace, of ancestral thoughts and strangely... power.

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