City Council Considers Conservatorship Amendment

The current conservatorship law allows nonprofit organizations, neighbors and developers to request approval from the court to manage an abandoned plot of land. Unfortunately, this pathway to land access is fraught with legal intracicies, does not address accumulated debt and does not necessarily provide long-term access or permanence. Amy Laura Cahn, director of the Law Center's Garden Justice Legal Initiative, shared these concerns with City Council today in her testimony on a proposed amendment to the conservatorship law.

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High Tunnel Policy Progress

Growers can celebrate the passage of new legislation that will decrease their costs. As of February 21, growers across the state will no longer see high tunnels factored into their real estate tax bills. In the past, high tunnels were taxed as building structures, elevating growers’ costs.

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Mayor Signs Land Bank Bill

Today was an exciting day for the city of Philadelphia as Mayor Nutter signed into law the Land Bank bill. We're excited to keep working with our partners and allies, residents, city officials and others to make sure the implementation process is equitable and transparent.

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Calling All Community Organizers

The Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia’s Garden Justice Legal Initiative is seeking a part time community organizer.

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One Major Step Closer to a Land Bank

City Council approved an amended version of the land bank bill today, meaning Council is set to vote on the bill at the final council meeting of the year on December 12th. We are ecstatic that Philadelphia is on its way to being the largest city in the country to have a land bank.

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Time is Running Out To Get the Land Bank We Need

Philadelphia needs a land bank bill that provides a simple, fair process for acquiring and using vacant land that is the same for everyone.

If we want a land bank, we have four days to get it done. City Council must amend the land bank bill by December 5th to get it passed on December 12, before winter break, and into budget discussions for 2014.

Time is running out to pass a streamlined, transparent land bank. The Land Bank Alliance has already raised concerns about the last round of amendments, which added additional layers of bureaucracy. Axis Philly and the Inquirer are reporting that Council President Clarke is floating additional amendments that may again jeopardize the effectiveness of the land bank.

Here are three reasons why we need a land bank now.

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Land Bank Update

Today, November 21st, City Council is in the first of the final three meetings of the full council before the end of 2013. The final two meetings of the whole will be held on December 5 and December 12. We need you to attend these meetings, call you district council person and show your support for a City Council vote on a transparent, streamlined land bank bill before the end of the year.

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Sayre Garden Guest Blog

By Reginaldo Winston and the Sayre Garden Crew

Sayre Garden is a space within Sayre High School (which is located on 58th and Walnut Street) regularly maintained by a group of 12 student interns.

Over the summer we participated in several workshops and events that prepared us to go out in our local and neighboring communities. We started off by learning and understanding the significance of gardening and how it can positively affect our lives in multiple regards. We were also taught public speaking skills which allowed us to properly interview community gardeners and members.

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Word on the Street - November 2013

Thanks for visiting Grounded in Philly! In this November edition of Word on the Street you'll find an update on the land bank bill, information on upcoming events and tools and resources. Please share this information with your neighbors and friends!

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