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To request representation for a community garden or urban farm issue from the Law Center’s Garden Justice Legal Initiative, follow the instructions on the form below.

What is the Garden Justice Legal Initiative (GJLI)?

GJLI engages with community members, partners with nonprofit and community-based organizations, and builds relationships between community gardeners, urban farmers, and municipal authorities to foster community food and land sovereignty and, thus, give communities greater control over the health and future of their neighborhoods.

What services does GJLI provide?

GJLI provides pro bono legal support, advocacy, and policy research to community gardens and urban farmers in historically disinvested neighborhoods in the Philadelphia area.

Who is eligible for GJLI legal services?

Legal services at the Law Center focus on clients with disabilities, racial and ethnic minorities, low-income individuals and communities, formerly incarcerated people, and the advocacy organizations and neighborhoods that represent them.

What happens after I fill out this form?

This form will help GJLI understand the scope of issues facing your garden or farm or related project. It will help GJLI assess what kinds of support we can offer, including referrals to other organizations. Filling out this form will also help GJLI understand the full picture of issues faced by gardeners in the Philadelphia area, which assists us in advocating for better policies.


Submitting this questionnaire does not establish an attorney-client relationship. We do not represent you at this time. You should not submit any confidential information to us until and unless a formal attorney-client relationship has been established. You remain responsible for any and all of your filing deadlines.
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