Philadelphia Stormwater Charge: Community Garden Discount

Here’s how you can get a discount on your Philadelphia stormwater bill for your community garden

Good news! Thanks to a Philadelphia city program, eligible community gardens and market farms can apply for a special discount providing up to 100 percent off monthly stormwater fees from the Philadelphia Water Department.

The discount is designed for community gardens where:

  • The property’s principal use is for growing plants
  • A community group or other non-profit operates the garden for public benefit
  • Stormwater is sustainably managed on at least 80 percent of the property

This exemption  also includes market farms that meet the above criteria.

More details about requirements can be found on the Philadelphia Water Dept. website and within the Stormwater Management Service Charge Community Garden Discount application form.

When completed, send your application and your documentation to

Stormwater Billing Program

Philadelphia Water Department

1101 Market St., 4th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19107

If you have questions about the process or would like to request a printed copy of the form, call 215 685 6244 or email

Members of the Philadelphia Water Dept. Stormwater Billing team are happy to work with community garden members interested in applying for this discount.

Apply for this now (PDF), see the Letter of Consent, navigate to the Stormwater Parcel Viewer, or explore related resources below!

This document is meant to be a living document of resources and recommendations for those growing food for themselves, their neighbors or others. If you would like to add a resource to this page, or if you see something on this page that appears to be inaccurate, please contact Jonathan McJunkin.

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