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Every neighborhood should have open green community space. Let’s make it happen together.

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Embarking on your journey to securing land and establishing a garden or community center? Well, you've come to the best place to do that.

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If you're having trouble securing access to land, whether it's on private or public land, we have information for you.

Need to secure access or ownership of land for your garden or farm?

Whether you'd like to enjoy some Philly-delicacies, help out at a nearby garden to keep your community clean and vibrant, or just meet some really great people, we have ways for you to participate!

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The Grapevine is a digital community where you can share your information and tips, read success stories, and get together with your neighbors to build real change in your community.

Our Impact

Grounded In Philly came into existence as a civic project in 2013 in order to help Philadelphians find information about vacant land — in order to put it back in the hands of the community.

We’ve since had over 140 vacant lots transformed, with over 300 participating community leaders and volunteers. More than 160,000 people have already visited the site. Now, with a newly redesigned online experience, more people can come together with other supporters of open green space to take on disinvestment in their community, by finding the support and resources they need for their unique situation.

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What We Do

Community gardening has substantial and immediate benefits for Philadelphia, where a quarter of all people live in poverty, more than 40,000 plots of land lie vacant, and over 300,000 people face hunger and malnutrition.

Grounded In Philly, a project of The Garden Justice Legal Initiative from the Public Interest Law Center, provides legal assistance, usable data, and informative guides.

We bridge the knowledge gap about legal access to land for community use. Our resource ecosystem fosters connection, promotes advocacy, and helps equip people to take action in their own neighborhoods.

Open green spaces, like community gardens, are beautiful, and can be enjoyed by hundreds of people—but their impact goes well beyond that. Gardens and farms can also serve as a source of fresh, local produce, helping alleviate food deserts and combat food insecurity. Studies have shown that vacant lots that have been transformed correlate with lower rates of both depression and crime in surrounding blocks (see: study).

Discover how to start a community garden, urban farm, or open space on vacant land in your neighborhood, learn how to gain legal access to land, and connect with growers and activists across the City. We’re here to fight poverty, hunger and spread open green space.

Our Mission

To empower Philadelphians with the tools, resources, and support they need to secure access to vacant land in their neighborhoods to put it back to productive, community-focused use, like gardens and urban farms.

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We operate on the generosity of our donors and volunteers. You can help us expand our impact and bring open green community space to more of Philadelphia’s 40,000 vacant lots.