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Discover growth resources for green space and urban agriculture in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Urban Agriculture

Make a Land Use Contract with Private Landowner

If vacant land you would like to use as green space is currently owned by a private landowner, you can often make an agreement with them to use the land. Here’s how.

Insurance for Gardens in Philadelphia

Insurance for Gardens in Philadelphia

Like any business or organization, running a garden or farm creates some risk. Find out what you need to know about insurance and liability to protect yourself, your organization and your garden.

More Resources

Gardening + Farming

Check out the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society for useful information about how to grow various fruits and vegetables, garden in small spaces, and organize your community.

More resources:

Garden Supplies

Need supplies and gardening equipment?

Fairmount Park Organic Recycling Center offers compost, mulch and manure for free (up to 30 gallons) or for a fee (larger amounts).

PHS City Harvest Program offers seed, soil, seedlings, supplies and technical assistance through Green Resource Centers to participating urban farmers and gardeners. City Harvest participants will receive instructional workshops on organic pest prevention and control, pre- and post-harvest handling, season extension, and soil building. Participants are expected to donate a portion of their produce to local soup kitchens and food cupboards.

The Farm and Garden Section of Craigslist often posts cheap tools, soil, compost, materials, and other useful items.

The free section of Craiglist often posts firewood, bricks, palettes, horse manure and other useful materials for starting or maintaining a garden project.

Explore the Tool Library in West Philadelphia where you can sign up for an inexpensive library card and access thousands of tools.


Looking for insurance?

Every garden needs insurance. Read about insurance for gardening in Philadelphia.

The American Community Garden Association offers affordable liability insurance policies for members.

Small Grants (Get Funding)

Need help securing funds for your garden or community space?

Free Assistance & BENEFITS

Looking for help?

Explore the guide to food assistance in Philadelphia with Philly Food Finder.

Explore a public computing center.

Find free career workshops and resources at PA CareerLink® Philadelphia.

For free one-on-one support to help you apply for over 20 public benefits, visit a BenePhilly Enrollment Center.

Use the Network of Care and Supports for Behavioral Health & Intellectual disAbility Services.

Gardening on Public Land

Gardening on Publicly-owned Land:

Read this article about obtaining gaining permission to use land from the City of Philadelphia.

Dig, Eat and Be Healthy: a Guide to Growing Food on Public Property by ChangeLab Solutions presents helpful legal and policy information for city gardeners regarding questions about common types of land agreements, issues of liability, utilities, maintenance, growing practices, contamination, access, security, improvements, and gardening on school district property.

Use these tools in your path to securing access to land:

Looking for additional information about public land?


Are you looking to do business with other organizations?

Looking for resources to help you grow your business of growing?

Employment Opportunities

Looking to get paid to work on gardens?

 Interested in building a career?

Volunteer & Connect

Looking to volunteer?

Philadelphia Orchard Project plants orchards throughout Philadelphia creating green spaces and community food security.

Find Community Volunteer Days at Urbanstead.

Also, see the Citizen’s Planning Institute’s toolkit here.

Looking to connect with other gardeners?

Philadelphia Urban Farm Network (PUFN) is a very active listserv offering resources and community for the Philadelphia urban farmers and gardeners.

Looking to become a mentor?

The Urban Farming Project is an after school program for K-5 students at Dr. Ethel Allen Promise Academy where students will participate in meaningful gardening lessons and outdoor activities with mentors. Get involved here.

Want to help propel justice further?

Explore the Philadelphia Food Policy Advisory Council, get involved directly, or connect in our Grapevine Forums.

Looking to buy locally-sourced food?

Philly Food Works is an online farmers’ market for local producers, offering subscription services for local foods.

Also, check out Farm to City to discover farmer’s markets near you.

Interested in paid urban gardening workshops for your organization or community?

See Urbanstead and Soil Generation for workshops.

See CleanPHL and Share Food Program for some great volunteer opportunities.

Explore Parks&Recs for Rec Centers Volunteering

Request Representation

Want to request legal representation from The Public Interest Law Center for your garden?

Request Representation here.