Of 111 Respondants Polled in Philly, 62% Say our Neighborhoods are Disintegrated

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      Hi all, we recently came across research from CityLab and decided we ought to conduct a brief, informal poll targetting Philadelphians on Twitter.

      Too long; Didn’t read: In larger cities like Philly, it’s harder to visit more neighborhoods. Regardless, recent research shows Philly ranks among the worst in social connectedness. In a poll I conducted, the sentiment from Philadelphians are a 62-48 split that Philly is disintegrated or segregated.

      Research methodology: we geo-targeted Philadelphia Twitter users and used the most popular hashtags. We posed a simple question: “Do you think Philadelphia’s neighborhoods are disintegrated or segregated?” and promoted it with $50, achieving 8.6k total impressions with 175 engagements of which 111 responded with either “Yes” or “No”.

      Results: 62% of the 111 votes responded as Yes, with 48% responding as no. See the Tweet below.

      This informal research was conducted by my company, Key Medium, to inform us of Philadelphians’ opinion and attitude towards the issue. As we advocate for more community gardens and public spaces–connecting neighborhoods must be a priority which may have so, so many benefits such as block cohesion, reduced crime, and improved public health. Here is the CityLab research if you’re interested in learning more, which inspired the poll.

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