Philadelphia’s Urban Agriculture Plan: Growing from the Root

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      You can find the draft Urban Agriculture plan for Philadelphia in these slides. We’re calling this the draft plan since the plan is still under development and the theme is “Growing from the Root”

      The aim is to achieve collective planning and co-creation as this is Philadelphia’s first urban agriculture plan. It features involvement from Parks and Recreation, Soil Generation, and Interface Studios–which produced an overfilled even to present this engaging community workshop. They didn’t have enough facilitators, food, water, or chairs for participants–it was over-attended! The overwhelming support for urban agriculture was awesome. And it also was not the only urban agriculture event going on in Philadelphia at one time.

      “Bicycling and its relation to Urban Ecology in Philadelphia – Panel Discussion” also took place at an overlapping time. Destiny from my team did go and record it, though–we’ll put it up soon. Randy from the Bicycle Coalition was a panelist with other members of the Urban Design Committee there, moderated by the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability. It involved investigating cycling within Philadelphia with a lens on the effects Socially, Culturally, Economically and Infrastructurally within the city.

      It’s really wonderful to see the momentum behind making our city so much better! This wasn’t the first or last such event from the Bicycle Coalition (sign up to be a member if you ride a bike or care about sustainability) either–the Bicycle Coalition regular puts on fun bike rides and events–such as the community garden tours with Neighborhood Garden Trust.

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