3 Properties by Temple Available for Gardening by Private Owner

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      Hello, Grounded folks! Just dropping by to inform you that my friend has 3 vacant lots available by Temple University. Each of the 3 lots will be made available to qualified individuals for a period of 2 years. You’d need to clean up two of the lots and fence it and get all the appropriate papework in order before you can start gardening here. Reply to this thread to learn more- I have notifications checked off so I’ll receive your reply in my inbox, too.

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      Simply reply to this thread if you are interested. Please provide answers to the following:
      1. Are you currently gardening somewhere?
      2. How much gardening experience do you have?
      3. Do you have gardening insurance?
      4. Do you have a plan to get proper zoning for a shed?
      5. Do you know the process to get water to your garden?
      6. Did you read this article about private agreements with land owners?

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