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      Hi Friends,

      My name is Doug. My wife and I grow on a small plot in Andorra, and our church (Roxborough Church) hosts a community garden at Ridge and Port Royal. I’m an entomologist and urban ecologist by profession, so I’m interested in the role farms and gardens play in the ecology of the city. In my work, I do a lot of GIS analysis and map making, and I’d be happy to volunteer those services to the Philly urban agriculture community as time allows. I’m always up for talking about bugs, too. My main interest is in pollinators, but I realize there are less popular bugs that gardeners deal with, and we can talk about those, too.

      Doug Sponsler

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      Welcome to the Grapevine Doug! Sounds like you’re up to some really awesome work. During one of our surveys we previously had a request to map out school gardens- so maybe that would be something that’s up your alley?

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      Sure, that sounds pretty straightforward. If anyone needs it, my email is sponslerdb@gmail.com.

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