Looking to Interview garden volunteers for a film!

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      Hunter Theobald

      Hello Grounded in Philly!

      My name is Hunter and I am a member of a team of student documentary filmmakers. We are currently in the process of finishing up a piece on Philadelphia’s urban gardens and the PHS’s involvement in this greening movement. We are close to our finished product but there is still one more thing we would like: and that is to hear from the community. We have interviews with many of the higher ups at PHS that explains their various programs and how they are beneficial to people, but we don’t have any footage of people who have been positively affected by urban gardens, as well as programs like CityHarvest or TreeTenders.

      If anyone would be interested in speaking with us this weekend we would love to get an interview. We are looking for people who work in the gardens and people who live in the areas where they have been implemented. We want to hear firsthand what these programs and this green space can do for people.


      Thank you for taking the time to read this! We hope to hear from you! Please contact via our Facebook or send us an e-mail at breakingground.documentary@gmail.com
      Hunter Theobald

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