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      Ben Miller

      Hi all,
      I’m new to this group and hoping someone might be able to guide me in the right direction toward buying an empty, unused lot to convert into a community garden. It seems like the Land Bank site isn’t working and 311 guided me toward PHS. Any other resources I could try?

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      Hi, Ben! Welcome to Grounded in Philly. The Land Bank abruptly shut down their site and we reached out for a response as to why and got no information back. Feel free to email Angel ( at the Land Bank to also follow up on why they shut it down and what is going on with the many Expressions of Interests (EOI) that people had submitted for specific vacant lots that are City-owned.

      A big thing PHS can assist with is for established gardens, via their Neighborhood Gardens Trust program. I’ve heard that during the pandemic community gardeners were unable to get their seeds since they closed down per government order.

      311 would be the last thing I suggest–it’s good for finding food, and so is our sister resource / Food Access Guide – Philly Food Finder.

      To answer your original question, go through the Pathways selector on our homepage here! and use the Vacant Lot Viewer once you get to that option to scout a location. Let me know how intuitive this is for you and do you have any feedback in general about this site?

      Also, see more resources here:

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      Justin Trezza

      Hi Ben,

      I’d be happy to connect with you further and share some upcoming online classes we’ll be offering around how to start and sustain a community garden. Feel free to email me at I’ll also be posting more about the clases once they are finalized.


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