Property Tax Abatements for Urban Farmers?

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      I own the land I farm on, which is a huge advantage, but my property taxes are prohibitively expensive in proportion to the amount of money generated from my farm. I spoke years ago with Amy Lara Cahn about the possibility of the city offering tax abatements for landowners who keep their land as a garden, she offered some tips, but I would really like to get this discussion going with someone who has some power or at least can listen and bring the subject to whoever needs to hear it. I realize I am probably in the minority both as a property owner/farmer and as a for-profit, so maybe not that many people have this issue, but I think it’s worthwhile, especially if we are trying to help people gain title to the land they farm on. Going forward, the tax issue will need to be worked out. Anyone know of a place to start with this? I’m not necessarily advocating for a tax-free situation, but a reduction would be reasonable. Thanks!

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      Hi, Amanda, perhaps the good news during the pandemic it may be reconsidered–the property tax abatement. I read somewhere that relative to other large cities, Philly brings in low tax revenue to the City government because of this. Thus, during the pandemic, the City’s using up its coffers right now and this is unsustainable. Just wanted to point this very important bit out; it’s ideal time to cut the tax abatement to a handful of years or completely get rid of it to make up for the lost wage taxes.

      Anyhow, here are some resources I hope can help since a lot has happened in the past few weeks with regard to the public health crisis.

      Emergency Resources & Recommendations for Urban Agriculture and Community Gardening During COVID-19

      Stay well,

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