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      Hi all, does anyone else use the group on Google as a forum? It was referenced in the Urban Ag Strategic Plan Public Meeting #1 Summary, which unfortunately failed to mention the Grounded in Philly grapevine forum even though multiple attendees like Bryce of One Art Community had written about it. I don’t want to assume that they have a pre-conceived agenda or are not actually listening to us when they say they are, but I am here to help increase access to these resources for you if you are a farmer or advocate, free of charge and with no agenda other than I want to see greater environmental awareness, less crime, less poverty, greater food security, and more opportunities for connection, collaboration, and true co-creation.

      Are you a farmer in Philly and want to connect to share, learn, connect and collaborate? Well we have knowledge and resources for you!

      Simple go visit our Philadelphia urban agriculture resources, or visit the home page for a self-service section to help guide you through how to best connect, share, learn, and collaborate with urban agriculture and green spaces in Philadelphia.

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      PUFN is a very active listserv, with thousands of members. It’s a good place to reach out, for sure. It’s not so much a discussion forum as it is a craigslist for urban farmers. Usually discussions take place off-list, replies are generally expected to be sent directly to the person who sent a message. I am an admin on the listserv, so feel free to reach out if you have specific questions.

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      Thank you, Amanda. I appreciate the input. I hope this community resource is being shared around by now–it’s a living doc from the urban ag working group that’s available here on the COVID-19 resource page. I hope it helps!

      Stay healthy,

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